About US

CabaDome is a source of everything you need to construct ecological geodesic Dome structures from Canvas and Bamboo – CabaDomes™.  Our hubs™ fast connectors and pre-cut bamboo sticks will make assemble and disassemble a fast and enjoyable experience.

You can build a temporary or permanent cabana to live in, a moonbase for the kids, a small dome home for your pet, a nature hide, festival tent, gazebo, planetarium, observatory – There are lots of possibilities! You can even use these structures to rent PROFIT!

We are authorized dealers of Geodesic Hubs Connectors from BuildWithHubs in Brazil. These fast snap-on hub connectors are the solution to the tedious task of crafting connectors to build geodesic domes. By using these hubs, you will reduce the time it takes to build a dome from days to less than one hour.

The hubs™  are made of tough, durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and they are solid in strength and functionality. They are engineered specifically for building geodesic domes. If you’ve decided to build a geodesic dome, then go with the leader in geodesic connectors – the Hubs™!



To compliment the hubs™  and to enable you to fast-assemble the CabaDome™ structure we produce a ready made pre-cut bamboo-sticks which will greatly use your building time. Bamboo sticks are sanded and oiled, pleasant to touch and pretty to look at.

All you have to do is to make up your mind and order the kit with these sticks and avoid all the headache of calculating and making these all by yourself. You will enjoy the fast and trouble-free  construction process.


Which dome would you build?

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