You can INVEST in our CadaDome structures and PROFIT by renting these out, especially during a tourist season when demand is high and hotels and pousadas are full. Glamping – glamorous camping – is a new trend in tourism and geodesic structures from ecological materials are just perfect for glamping. A real eye-catchers, too – people just love them.


CabaDome investment can become profitable extremely fast. For example if you charge $50 per night then your investment is paid off after just 40 nights – 1,5 months – of full occupancy. Imagine the returns during a longer season and if you build few domes to rent!

What nightly rate can you charge?
We’ve used $50 per dome, per night as an example but tourists are willing to pay a lot more per night for exotic eco accommodation depending on the facilities and level of luxury! So, your return on investment will depend on your product’s location, surrounding environment and how up-market you make your accommodation, facilities and offerings.

How big are your running costs?
Maintenance costs are minimal. The preventative maintenance includes the checking of all fastenings and fixings, the tightening of the canvas ceiling and that’s it.

GREAT ADVANTAGE OF CABADOMES – You can assemble and disassemble easily according to your needs. When the need (tourist season) is over, you can disassemble your dome and store it for next season or you can set it up somewhere else or you can just sell the kit.


Which dome would you build?

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