By using our hubs, you will reduce the time it takes to build a dome from days to less than one hour.


Put 5-way hub in the middle, connect the first pentagon, add the next layer… And it begins to take shape !



The hubs themselves are made of tough, durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and they are solid in strength and functionality.

They are engineered specifically for building geodesic domes – designed with a 10 degree curvature to naturally shape the dome as you build it.

If you’ve decided to build a geodesic dome, then go with the leader in geodesic connectors – the Hubs!

We also produce a ready made pre-cut bamboo-sticks which will greatly use your building time.

We can ship to anywhere in the world. When you get to the checkout, just specify which carrier you want to use.

The more detailed descriptions of  our products are on the links below:

Hubs fast snap Connector kits

Dome structural kits (hubs and sticks)

Dome full kits (hubs, sticks and tent)

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