Dome structural kits – connectors and structure

Geodesic dome kits include hubs fast snap connectors and pre-cut, sanded and oiled bamboo sticks which make construction of your dome a breeze. Sticks available to construct structures from 3 to 6m diameters.

If you just want to make dome structures ranging from gazebos to hothouses in tune with the environment or if you plan to construct easy and cheap temporary summer accommodations for your friends to stay over or to rent these out for tourists, our geodesic dome bamboo framework kits will be a good option to realise your ideas.

You get a kit with a clear step-by-step instructions for self-assembly, what allows for anyone build their own. You can do a lot with this ecological and pretty structures. Use you fantasy. Possibilites are endless. You can even construct your own minimalistic „Dome Home”.

This is simple and enjoyable job to assemble a dome with our kits !


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